A shared archive hosted by Rastko Novakovic, which will be mobilised in a series of short movies. You are invited to explore and contribute.

Immediate Global Justice resources

CURRENTLY IN THE NEWS – parallels, background

the case of Ejup Ganic – compare to Vuk Komnenic

Social Cohesion report, January 2010

online forums re: radicalisation of students

Caldicott inquiry

Samar Alami:
Rober Fisk in the Independent

they have been released? –

Freedom and justice campaign –

The attack –

UK legal responses to terrorism –


Leon Trotsky: “The Bankruptcy of Individual Terrorism”

Carlos Marighella : “Minimanual of the urban Guerrilla” – inspiration for RAF etc.

Weather Underground

on the old days and TRC in USA

WU communique

WU: “There are no innocent Americans”, “Bring the War home!”

FBI informant interview

Black Panthers on WU


A film clip of Ulrike Meinhof before she goes underground

Wikipedia on the Red Army Faction

RAF Communique: “Urban guerilla concept”:

Other RAF communiques:

Baader Meinhof Compex trailer

Silke Maier-Witt – former member and trauma psychologist in Kosovo

IRA communiqué

Angry Brigade
Guardian 30th Anniversary with two interviews

Documents and chronology

Critical overview at libcom

Amazing resource by Stuart Christie with loads of videos, including a very good doc about RAF from BBC4:

Adrian Mitchell – To Whom it May Concern

Harold Pinter – Nobel Prize Speech (Neruda – min 38.20; Death – min 46:25)

more Adrian Mitchell

Justice in Second Life:

and the whole conference here:


I’m a better anarchist than you:


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