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To the state and its institutions, to the corporations, to the murderous violators that maintain what you call wars (hot and cold, racist and religious, class and resource, civil and street), which prop up what you name peace. To the ideologues of the desert, to the policy makers of wastelands, to the executives of scorched earth.

We no longer have a language for when the beast kills. Your police and armed forces are the designated machines, the shadows who carry tools of murder and the amnesty that accompanies this privilege. Your crisis-management of life is outsourced beyond the limits of the state to corporations, to mercenaries, to paramilitaries and other insurgencies claiming the dead word as their own. Your machine kills through bombing raids, tortures, countless civilian deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, London, Toronto, Tarnac, Mexico, Bolivia, Port-au-Prince. When it closes its borders, in its migrating prisons, quietly at its centre or within the din of its margins. In shoot-to-kill attacks on our streets. And you profit from them. And  from the beast’s transmutation of a life not worth living into a dead life, and from the resonance of the dead word: zombie-democracy.

Your Jack-in-the-box responds to us with your fantasy of crisis. But we do not believe your crisis to be yours and not ours; rather that your crisis does not exist. There has been no break, no rupture, we do not awake from a dream in order to look onto a bleak or bland new world but rather, as if in a dream, finding ourselves in media res, where there is no revolution and not even a continuity, but merely the moment and singular instance of the same economy, politics and facade.
Our crisis is defining, and we define it in free-fall. Everywhere where we had won our right to speak, you desire those places, to leave us with not a comma, not a full stop. Your Left and your Right tell us to build networks which surround power, which circumvent revenge, like a thousand mirrors in which we can only stare at each other but never the lens-grinder, the wizard of Oz. Your coldest sweat is that we are to begin discussing justice in our own words. You want us to discuss it in your language, and to fill the space between us with directions-aspirations-vectors, high towering finance and older and better golden bridges, under which run rivers of blood and toxic waste.
You speak of transitional justice or just peace. The transitional form of the disappearance of any state which is not capitalist is the nether world of failed states, zones of exception, regions, corridors – frontiers of your galloping digital exploitation. One wrong move and the beast you ride kicks you off. Your golden bridges are made of 1s and 0s. What you call peace is a desert which perpetuates the conditions that destroy life. What you call justice is the violent order of your own institutions. The people is no longer a name to invoke. Neither them, nor the mass, the proletariat, vanguard or class, but it is the people in the street who define words like justice. It does not come transcendently from the sky or mechanically from a box or by the auspices of a powdered wig.

We reject your metaphysical time of transition.

We claim your hold on violence, justice and peace.

You say there are different types of justice. Maybe three. Social justice, economic justice, political justice. Social justice cannot exist without economic and political justice. They are linked. We say: the claims for justice are many. There are thousands of voices and they all ask and work for justice, sometimes alone, sometimes in groups, always without totalising unity. This is the weave of minimal justice.

We do not claim our actions. Two lie dead: Muggeridge and Komnenic. An act has been committed – and our commitment to it is profound. But the moment in which the crime is recognized is when a coming multitude will identify with it and claim it as their own. And in this instance, as soon as the crime is revealed, it passes over into so much more: not into a transgression, but an act of immanent justice, minimal justice.

To realise that there are many claims also shows that there is only one group who legislates for terror, who legalises their murders – yours. This group has expanded beyond even your own grasp; it expands into our institutions and common grounds, so that the hideaways of the intellectuals are no more than particulars in an ideal prison. The universities are barricaded not by the revolutionaries, but by the turnstiles of a society that only fears itself, and cannot look into the lens and find its enemies.

To the communes of the world, to the communities of resistance: they want to fill the space between us, like a fluid. That space is what makes justice possible, that space is the here and now, not some vision of a just society or just peace in a transcendent and utopian future. The minimal justice we require starts from the individual and their responsibility to the collective. They can no longer hide behind their institutions. By putting individuals on trial, an exacting the conclusion of their crimes, we show how implicated institutions are in the masking of crimes, in the architectural facades of our present horror. Without mediation the acts of justice reveal the institution pushing to expand its remit and its power, its thirst for unimaginative transformation. And it brings it into relationship with other institutions: universities, the mechanisms of high finance, governments, corporations. The weave of minimal justice is the loose thread that undoes this tissue of lies.
With this in mind that we should abolish the term ‘transitional justice’. Too bureaucratic and too visionary, it is a cause for the oppressed and silenced. There is no transition to name or to move towards, only the immediate vigilant enactment. In its place we call on Global Transversal Justice. Our viewpoints are equally valid and unfinished, equally filled with the potential for insurrection, the rage of oppression. We are rooted in our particular struggles and we shift. It is in this shifting that we go over the space that separates us and our demands. Justice is not a gas which fills all volumes, but movement across the space of everyday life, our cities, our common being.

We must not allow the beast to succeed in its effort at hiding of the nature of its violence. Nor blind us to reading the events in slow motion. We watch the footage of our fallen comrades, we watch the video phones relaying our fallen enemies. The illusions of the religious are anathema to us, and their lies only perpetuate the dead word’s hegemony. But our own faith in solidarity cannot be shattered, and our camaraderie remains vivid and unbroken, like an obsidian mirror, which makes their images and trickery slide off its time-worn darkness.

We forgo this inhumane obsession with fighting oppression as if it were alienation and alienation as if it were oppression. The vigilant smash their televisions and clown in front of the police, when surely we should revert to our original tools: be clowns instead of bowing down to the television lights, and smash the agents of the institutional order. Take a brick out of the police station wall. Take the cogs of the institutional machines apart – name them with bullets. The vigilant against the beast are vigilantes. You cannot negotiate with capital, terror and inhumanity – only kick it till it breaks.


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