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Looking for the Duke of Bedford…

In 1552 the duke received Covent Garden and seven acres of land in London. He gave up most of his holdings in Bloomsbury to the University of London in 1953. He still has the power to raise the rents in Fizrovia (for an article from Fitzrovia News on his rent hike destroying local small business, click here).

He still owns 23,000 acres of land and prime central London real estate. But what land in Bloomsbury and Fitzrovia exactly does he own? I don’t know, do you? Incidentally, the duke receives £209,000 in EU farm subsidies for Woburn abbey (now a safari park). This amount was cut from £380,000 in 2007 (source here).

More reading:

The 1st Duke

Obituary for the 14th Duke in the Times and the Telegraph and Independent

The current duke dines and his official website

In the 2009 list of richest people in the UK, he came up from 173rd (in 2008) to number 103. Details here.

And of course, insane superstitious theories link the 7/7 bombing to him.


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